Reviews for "Pixelotl"


Haha, surprise! There is no stork! We just sent you through 50 levels of life threatening madness to see if you really were our friend! But hey, there's cake, so it's okay, right? ... Right?

uhm, what?

ok,i finished stage 5-10, but there wasn't any actual ending that i would reckognize as an actual ending, just some strange stage with 5 numbers made of numbers 1to 10 and 5 of the friends around, i don't know if it'sa bug or if that's it.

Fix Bugs

i got to 3rd level and there was no more moves. learn to space the blu balls evenly
or get them cleaned out if you get my drift....good try though!

It...Was like it was all for nothing =[

But at least there's cake!!! Lol Ammusing and cutte. I played and was hooked till I finished it. Great job!! Deffinatly 10****

cute game

it was cute and it kept me entertained for at least 10 minutes, and the little characters are cute too