Reviews for "Pixelotl"


This game was a pretty good puzzle game. I've seen alot that are like this but this one kept with my expectations. It had a good idea to it and an okay story line. The animal character you use was pretty cute and well animated as well for being 8bit pixel like. I enjoyed this game alot and would have liked to have also seen some acheivements for it, even if they arent hard to get. The story was pretty good and I was actually expecting some sort of puzzle battle agains this "stork" but I was a bit disappointed about the outcome. All in all I was content with the game. (playthrough time 30min.)

I'll rate a five on the scale to the right but I do beleive it is a 9/10. I hope to maybe see a sequel with more puzzles and different Ideas. All in all good work.
~Rebel (aka RoY)

A must play game.

I found the controls easy, I wish I knew how to play as the other lizards sooner (press down on them at the map screen), and wish it was longer.
I find this cute, entertaining, a refreshing new game and it's just a shame it was so short.
I hope you make more, maby even make the characters unlockable in the second game with their own unique skills and effects like, some salamanders are heavier, some jump higher, some move faster.


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