Reviews for "Pixelotl"


I played all the game, and is good. But needs music.
Good job.

sckulp responds:

Thanks, we are very glad you enjoyed it!

So I hurd some things........

So U herd I liek Pixelotls? I sure do.

sckulp responds:

Made it just for you and all other Pixelotl/Axolotl lovers!

Awesomely cute!


sckulp responds:

Totally agree! Thanks!

Looks great... BUT...

I simply cannot get past past level two. I know, it sounds like I am a pathetic gamer, but for some reason, the jump from the second to third level is insurmountable. Which is a pity, because I was looking forward to playing this. Everything else looks fantastic, though you could add some music and a skip button on the intro.

sckulp responds:

Ah! We are sorry you are stuck. It may be a helpful hint to note that by holding forward as you are walking or jumping, the Pixelotl will automatically attempt to climb any blocks he's pushing against, which will help you reach higher platforms.

Also, you can press enter to skip the intro, but this is not obvious anywhere at all, so I will put both of these tips in the author comments. Thanks for the feedback!