Reviews for "Pixelotl"

Love the purple on'e line at the end.

Really fun to play.

Fun and cute

this was a relly refreshing play. pure non-violent platforming fun, just the right amount of challenge and nice rewarding puzzles. and the gravity field concept is really innovative - nothing revolutionary yet so clever it makes the game what it is. congrats to the authors!
since the levels seem pretty "building block-y", maybe there could be an editor?


I can't beleive someone even knew about the ajolotes.

But they don't live in caves, they live in rivers ¬¬

Tip: If you fell of an orb without jumping, you can jump in the air! try it.

changing characters

how do i change my character i got to pixel hub but it doesent change

Very imaginative!

A very nice puzzle game! Very fun and entertaining!
The creature is an Axolotl by the way. =D
(Axolotls are funky)