Reviews for "Pixelotl"

good game

but come on !!!
can you complete level 5-8 !

Good but easy.

Good artwork, I had fun playing it. Only problem is it's not challenging. I got stuck on the second to last level, and that's it. Felt silly after I figured it out.

The ending was cute though, along with most of the game. Interesting physics incorporated into the gameplay, well done artwork, generally cute, and rather fun to go through.

Such a cute, easy game!

Only criticism would be that it could have been more challenging, but otherwise very cute and the ending is brilliant. All my 5 r belong to this, and 10 stars!

Ohhhh maannn

I loved this game! The only downsides to this thing is being musicless. The levels are made too easy for this platformer master! D: I'd like more challenging stuff to feel more content with the ending! :D I love frustration/

Cool game

its a fun little game and its very original, but the music is lacking to say the least, because well... there is none, I might have enjoyed the game more with a little bit of music during the gameplay, without music games get boring real fast (for me at least)