Reviews for "Battle Masters Ultimate"

Very good game.

The animations were good, the graphics are nice, and the effects were pretty awesome. My only complaint could be that it's rather slow. Perhaps it's just my computer. I would had liked a quality control option, since i see no way of controlling the quality, unless it does it automaticly.


this is the most dramatic game i've ever seen, their final blow move just shows them sitting there charging and attacking for a whole minute. I don't really care for this type of game but you still did a good job.


only one problem. the cut scenes take too damn long. dont really need see guy charge his attack for 15 seconds to carry out a minute long attack.


Best game of rock, paper scissors I ever played. XD

nice game

just misses sumtin....idk.the only things i can suggest are:
1.u need background music.
2.u need a mute button.

sorry but i can't think of anything else at the moment....