Reviews for "PixEvo - The Fountain"


and i 100% MEAN IT! I haven had fun like this in a long time it had me leaning back an forth like old times just awsome kudos


I hate the 64 pixel! great game and good ending! If this was real life i would take pixels from the ground!

Great game

This was a lot of fun. A nice retro platformer that was challenging but not too difficult. Pixel number 64 was hard to get to. I think it would be pointless to post its position because everyone's 64 is likely to be in a different spot. Mine was one I decided was too high to get with my small wings and totally forgot about, to discover again after a long search.

I loved the music!!!


i like it cuz it mellows me out and stress relesses me ..... annyways ... kool game : D


simply one of the most amazing games ive played, it tok me a while to find some of the dot things but in the end i found them :P