Reviews for "PixEvo - The Fountain"


I think this is perfect. I love the way something that was simple in an early stage can become complicated as you grow.

I know pixel perfect games like this can get frustrating, but that is just the style of this sort of game, and I think it works really well.

@AchievementManiac - as soon as you can use the switches, it tells you how to do so. Before it tells you, you can't. All of the controls have multiple buttons, it shouldn't be hard to find even if you did miss the instructions. You can only do what the game has told you you can do. Don't waste time trying other things, you can do them later, as you evolve...


It took some time to figure out how to jump around. Once i got the hang of it, i had some fun. Hard game.


A pixelated masterpiece. The concepts of growth and evolution to achieve ones goals seem so prevalent, yet distant and vague enough to be open to interpretation. This can be as moving or as latent as the emotions invested into it. It can be a simple open world platformer, or a gateway to the imagination. I choose both. The old school game play is refreshing, and the metroid style open world format is very well thought out. Wonderful.

this .... is ... EPIC!!!

it wont let me open the big door but its not bad 5 star