Reviews for "PixEvo - The Fountain"


No lie, it's real fun and addicting

Excellent game

This was one awesome game you made it,i loved it's style with retro animation in pixels and the controls were very responsive too,the game was so too hard but then again it wasn't a cakewalk either especially if you are shooting for completing the game within 15 minutes,the audio was a great choice and kudos for you making your own audio for this game which is also impressive,overall i enjoyed this game very much and think it's one of your personal best games ever. =)

I loved it!

It was challenging but simple


A good game!


this is a pixel game but is so good, the game grabs you to collect all the little things a make you play to the end. I like it, is a great game, maybe the music I don like it but you can mute so it very perfect.sorry for my english iam still learn it