Reviews for "PixEvo - The Fountain"


Brilliant game and a really brilliant idea. I love the idea of a platform game with one world and various ways of travelling. But I have to say the last few pixels were annoying, after much teeth grinding I managed to get number 32 but I am stuck now, I have 61/64 and I have absolutely no idea where the last three even are let alone how to get them, please help if you can x x x

nice man

i have to say this is acually pretty addicting man. rather fun, keep it up.
-Dangerousmac POM-dot-net

8-Bit Glory!

I must say, this game made me feel so happy. So happy to see such old games coming out, and this is something that I would have played when I was younger. I absolutely loved the music, and the graphics. So dull, but so prominent, as you can place any face, and any makeup of what the landscape would look like. Or it could just look like that. Fun, simple, quick, enjoyable. Make more to this caliber, maybe even more grandiose than this. Something longer, and unforgettable. The story in this, was quick and to the point but still rang something within my tear ducts.

So yes, this deserves a 10/10 and a 5/5 because it made me feel at home again. Like I haven't grown up, like one of the lost boys. Not the vampires...

Keep up the awesome work and I cannot wait for your next piece of art to come out.



I don't know what DarthBlam is talking about I made it past 18 Pixles with ease. This game is great and if you can't play it correctly that does'nt make this a shitty game it makes you a shitty gamer. Great Game...don't know why it only made it to Daily 4th place I think it should be higher.

I got speed run o yea

really nice game btw keep it up man