Reviews for "PixEvo - The Fountain"


Love the retro feel, gameplay and graphics and the music. I was hooked for at least 45 minutes, but then I got stuck at the first wing stage - I got 48 pixels then I was at a loss at where to get more. Apart from that, brilliant.


yeah you brought back the ancient atari feeling!!!!!!!
even if this means that you have to have an absolute perfect timing when you jump (which i hated the most about its games )
although the soundloop doesn't get anoying like the atari games
(more stays fresh like in the old nintendo games)

the ending can be slighty depressing and i thought you would evolve into an angel not in this "Thing".......
and even when you are in the last evolution stage i thought it would keep the challenge real high... but everyone needs some kind of "relief"

well this is a fantastic challenging game.
you should create more games like this/ have more often your internet access broken if it helps to create this kind of quality games..

Evil-Dog responds:

Haha thanks, I'm really glad you appreciated the niche this kind of games rest into, hard atari-like gameplay. I'm also glad you enjoyed the music. Atari music would have been more annoying that's true haha this kind of music is more NES-era rather than atari era, thank god :D
thanks for the nice review

I loved it

What's with me and pixel games lately? Anywho, I liked this little game. The frustration of just missing a pixel was horrible, but it made me wanna get it more, just to scream, "HAHA! FUCK YOU, PIXEL! YOU'RE PART OF MY BEING, NOW!!"
Admit it, it's fun.
I like the little story it has, and I like how everything goes in a circle. This game Gets my 5/5 and 10/10.
...Make another soon, please?

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah I'll probably make others PixEvo games :D thanks for liking it! I know the feeling!




the game is so fucking hard ..jumps are need to be done with perfection ..i mean ..come on ..ive got stuck once on 31/32 cuz i tryed to find that one witch i can get with perfect jump ...overall ...game is great ..i dunno why would someone give that low rating ...but you got myne 5/5 ...