Reviews for "PixEvo - The Fountain"


Yeah that was awesome, great simple game. I imagine if I try and beat it in 15 minutes or less now I will probably rage and break someone so I won't. And I get this feeling that I missed something in the last room because I activated the fountain before having a bit of a look around. Goof Effort though (y) (y)


Was alot of fun. Perfect amount of play time too, not too long not too short. And mastering some of the more difficult jumps was fun. Anyone who couldn't beat it is dumb plain and simple.

fountain repairman?

I enjoyed this game; especially when you can fly. It was fun, but difficult, getting the medals I have. When I beat the game the first time; I totally LOLed. I realized I was a part of the fountain but more importantly I was a fountain repairman.

in case anyone is stuck there is a rule I followed If you can get real close to a pixel you can get it if not try later.

Being persistent pays off completely when you can fly

My opinion = play this game it's a great waste of my time (as are all the other video games I will always play)

well bye for now :)

Challenging but addictive

After numerous attempts, I've finally beaten the game and got all of the medals, yet I still think I'd play it again. The frustration and enjoyment (because they do come hand in hand) from all the pixel perfect jumps before gaining wings is great! Definitely one of my favorite games on the site.


just this adasdasdasd writed this just to give it 10 LOL