Reviews for "PixEvo - The Fountain"


I don't know what DarthBlam is talking about I made it past 18 Pixles with ease. This game is great and if you can't play it correctly that does'nt make this a shitty game it makes you a shitty gamer. Great Game...don't know why it only made it to Daily 4th place I think it should be higher.


so beautifull *sniff*

Fun mos def

There was one pixel that took probably 5-10 mins to find but once I did (more than a man) I rolled hard and finished it up. Great game thanks boss.

yeah, a really good game.

the game its dificult, but its got a rrealy good story, aventure, map, and aaaaa...
a... good... eeeeee... oh! only theese things.


very fun and a great time wasteronly problem is im stuck at 31/32