Reviews for "PixEvo - The Fountain"

woooo did it!

Very good - got me right into it, took ages to find that damn 64th pixel but I'm glad I did!

I think you mean that I accept my 'fate' - not my 'faith' - that doesn't make any sense hehe.

More awesome games please!

pretty cool game

I always like a good 8-bit game, or Atari-style game for this matter. =P I can see how other people thought the jumps were frustrating, but I liked how it added challenge. The only thing that caught me off guard was where I should start looking for the Fountain. On another note, loved being the beast. =)
Nice game.


As stated plenty before me, some jumps are tricky, and the lack of some kind of radar/tip system makes it even harder, I like that but it can be highly frustrating to wander around the map in wings form looking for the last dot you left somewhere else and didn't notice. That form is the trickiest imo, because you have the whole map to check and there's a couple dots maliciously hidden out of sight, which I always seem to miss when trying to do the speed run medal (the first time, I missed a certain pixel and had it in mind when I tried again, and again I was left at 63/64 with no idea of where could the last be located so I just stopped)

Tricky jumps aside, I liked the game, mainly cuz I'm a fan of upgrading junk, so this was hella fun to me. As far as animation/backgrounds/sounds go you can't expect too much from a retro game which tries hard to be retro (square heads FTW) but the black and white look fitted perfectly, don't think this could work so well with other scheme of colors.

If you changed the art style, evolving alongside the character, using more pixels and overall making it more defined would've been great, also cool stuff like not being able to discern colors until you're a full man, being able to watch "spirits", different patterns of color and whatever with the last forms... Something original to differ between forms.

But ah! That would CRUSH and send to hell with a flying kick the retro feeling you were aiming to. This is not a 10 because you made me hate you at certain jumps, but it's all cool.


makes you go nuts for more

pretty cool

it was fun mostly all the way through though there were some pixels i spent like 15 minutes trying to get. other than that pretty good