Reviews for "PixEvo - The Fountain"

CURSE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a fun game but when i finally got the beast i couldnt activate the lever to open the door for the next amount of dots so i ended with 0/128. So close to finishing.......

the game was alsome but......

the game was too easy cant you think of anything more complicated because i got all of the metals twice in less than 13 minutes exact because i counted the minutes and seconds.

Hey, this is pretty good!

It's very fun, nut it needs a save function. I don't like closing it and then having to start all over.

This is one of those "pure essence" platformers. I like the catchy background tune, it didn't get old even though it's only 1:30 long. Nice simple yet epic story/context. The evolving stages keeps it fresh (as long as you don't get stuck).

Took me about an hour to beat. Some of those jumps really have to be pixel perfect. And it can take pretty long before you can try again. But I guess that's a part of the essence.

Great level design.