Reviews for "PixEvo - The Fountain"


Just wanted to tell you that this game is hard to play when you need to get your hands.


cool game, make a second one of it!! ^^

you mean the switch right at the top?
you need to get all 128 pxls than it works ;)

@author: a little msg-hint would be usefull, thought it was a bug aswell

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah I actually forgot to put the hint :D I,ll leave it like that though, let people figure it out, a better sound would have helped like an iconic failure sound.


You should make a sequel with smoother controls and upgrades after you b eat the game.

pixevo is AWESOME!

This is pure awesome I mean this is a game that is definitely worth playing!

I'm going to get yelled at this but...

How do you pull levers?