Reviews for "PixEvo - The Fountain"

That......Was.....The most...........GREATEST GAME I'VE PLAYED ON A COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!

NICE game i love the game i wish a could give you money waste of time but it was worth it playing this game nice job keep up the work ok :)

The game is so basic that a few good or bad qualities can make all the difference.

What I liked the best was how there were so many blocks that were just barely in or out of your reach, as if to tease the player. The feeling of "evolving" is also incredibly rewarding. Backtracking is great fun when you can so easily make it over an obstacle that gave you so much trouble early on. On top of that, I never felt like it was the control's fault when I missed a jump. It was all on me.

However, if you're going to make a game this basic, the level design and gameplay really needs to stick out. Not only does the game do nothing new, the little that it actually does could have been done much better. Most of my experience playing this was spent trekking back and forth across the level at a snail's pace just to see if I missed one of the 100+ blocks on the level or to make it back to a platform that I fell off of. It just feels like a very slow chore with nothing happening.

The music is good, and I know even a simple platformer like this takes work to program, but those two things alone don't make much of a game. Level design, story and graphics take effort to make them good. Even Atari games had talented artists and designers behind them

Little pixels but a story with a big big heart! Absolutely loved it.