Reviews for "PixEvo - The Fountain"

okay, I don't think I've ever written a review for this game, which is a damn shame. might be because it's taken me until now to actually have the patience to beat the game.

where do I start?

well, firstly I'll disregard the story behind this game. It's pretty obviously unimportant--I'm guessing you knew you need to write something, anything, to drive the player to actually stick with the game through all its difficulties.

and this game is absolutely rife with difficulties, in the best way. this is pixel-jumping at its finest; this is inching to the edges of cliffs, making the most minute adjustments to jumps, and making the jumps themselves with every ounce of effort (and button-mashing) you've got. In a way, the ferocity and desperation of the jumps told the story better than words ever could. The protagonist jumps, walks, flies; he hurls himself off cliffs and barely clings to ledges. Through his (and my) utter effort, the story of humanity's unending will to live is elegantly told. (Is the protagonist even human? I doubt it.)

The controls were tight, the jumps were challenging, the gameplay was rigorous and rewarding. I thoroughly enjoyed this game.


This is really Good..
This is a Unique Idea of a Game..
What i just don't Like is its too Slow..
And too annoying somehow...

This game isn't meant to be a whopper of 5 Gigabites, ya numbskulls. This game teaches you how to be patient, how not to kick your computer, flip the pizza over [ It didn't do anything to you. ], wage war at the screen, scream to the bowels of the earth, stomp on your internet modem, crack the screen, etc. This game is meant to teach patient.

Platforming shouldn't be so infuriating honestly. I shouldn't start feeling like I'm breaking the physics of the game to reach nearly EVERY pixel. By that I mean, Players shouldn't have to run to till their pixel-person is literally less than a hair's breadth from falling in order to make a jump.

good game, however you could kind of point out that the cube can only move while jumping (hint hint @ PoesRaven) also, there seem to be some doors with no levers, are they all activated by the set of 4 levers that you can repeatedly switch?