Reviews for "PixEvo - The Fountain"

Great level design.

Good memories. It's easy to finish below 15 minutes, btw... Just get those pixel-perfect jumps together and know where to go. I think a good run would go below the 10 minute mark.

Such a good game. Simple, yet incredibly powerful. I keep coming back every now and then to experience the magic all over again. Felt I needed to say something about it this time, haha. Perhaps my favorite game on Newgrounds! Thanks for making such an awesome game!

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks man! Glad you like it!!!

Amazing game, despite being a bit frustrating trying to find the last damn white pixel, but yea well done.

Although this game has some problems, it was made by only one person, the only problems i have with this game are:
1.)There should be a little more color variety, it looks a little dull...
2.)It should be a bit longer...
3.)The controls should be a little smoother...
Otherwise the game was great!