Reviews for "PixEvo - The Fountain"

A cool little game!

I like the concept of evolving, it's fun! Also, the controls are on spot. Keep up the good work!


This game is very addictive. I found myself coming back to play it again, wondering what will happen next. But it didn't have an auto-save option so I gave up. It is a nice little time-waster but it can get very frustrating at some points.
Some of the pixels were ridiculously hard to get and also I disliked the fact that you had to get all the pixels you could reach in order to evolve. I stopped playing after I grew arms because I just couldn't get anymore pixels.

loved it.

the game is really good..! the sound is just amazing (after a while it starts to get annoying, but OK) Maybe you could change the sound when I evolve. Also when I'm a human, there is 1 pixel, that is really hard to get to.. it really took me a long time to get this one. but the gameplay of this game is just amazing, the only thing I didn't like were the graphics, I really don't like pixel games, but this one is just awesome. so the only reason that you won't get a 10 is because of the graphics (and maybe because we lost yesterday :( ). But keep up the good work!


Love the retro feel, gameplay and graphics and the music. I was hooked for at least 45 minutes, but then I got stuck at the first wing stage - I got 48 pixels then I was at a loss at where to get more. Apart from that, brilliant.

hot pixel action

great little game man! very fun.