Reviews for "PixEvo - The Fountain"

good but...

how do we open the grey door that dont have switch?


The game was really challenging; I really had to look instead of just jumping/walking/flying around for the pieces. Though I've seen it a million times, the door puzzle was pretty smart. And the ending... I wasn't expecting it, but that made me really love this game.

Keep at it!

Great game!

Great job man! Love your stuff. Interesting idea, and you've tackled it well. You can see the effort in the gameplay. If anything, I would say it's just a tad bit hard, but maybe I should stop whining and figure it out myself.

Good work man. Hope to see more of your stuff in the future.

And you OWNED SpigotBlister.

Love the game

But my both my computer and my flash player crashed while playing this game and I found it did not save. It's annoying to go over it again multiple times. Could you please add an automatic save feature?


Good but i'm stuck at 31/32 someone can help me? =P