Reviews for "PixEvo - The Fountain"


Idk what I'm supposed to do here. I got all the easy pixels, got to have arms, and now theres no place to get pixels. Then, I went to log in, and it made me completly restart. Why is there no save or anything? And why do you have to be so precise with the jumps to go anywhere?

Pretty nice game. I like how it eases up as you progress.

This game has pretty much everything retro down: simple, pixelated graphics, and punishingly difficult perfection.

There is no room for error. Every jump must be on the very edge of the platform, or you will not make it. There is a very specific maximum height for every jump, and there WILL be pixels just painfully out of reach.

It is with great feelings of "Pissed Off" that I write this review. It is excellent as an homage to that masochistic part of gaming history, unfortunately, it is, like its ancestors, not fun, and whose sense of "Fun" stems from being to conquer its extreme difficulty.

So, in closing, this game is excellent as an homage to classic 8 and 16 bit platformers. It looks like them, sounds like them, is as unfair, precise, and punishing, and sadly as un-fun as I remember them.

Someone will like this game. That someone is not me.