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Reviews for "d&d character maker"

This is bad

This is bad


ok, not bad for a first timer, could be worse.

Dear newloader

fuck your hat, then wear it. that aside, nice firsts but mabey weapons or wand?

newloaderflame responds:

tk ill put that in v1.5

This is extremly bad :(

When I looked at the name I thought hmmm I should send this to my friend, as he plays D&D, but when I played it was extremly bad. The green eye didn't work, the outfits didn't fit on the character and also I had no idea what some of the accesories were.
Next time try to be neater and make sure everything works because you have gave your self a bad rep.

newloaderflame responds:

d and d meand drag and drop
i did not make a dungens and dragons game


I only played this for about 1 minute you really need to work on this, you have potential i'll give you that. Just keep on working on it.

newloaderflame responds: