Reviews for "Space-ninja"

I don't get it

The graphics are simple, the moves are limited...but once i started i got totally addicted to it!
Maybe because of the nice music or maybe because this game never gives impossible situations. There's always a catch on the enemies attack pattern you can use to swindle them.
Awesome game indeed!

So retro style

Love this, expecially the music.


Some of the best chip tune music I've seen around no lie at the calibur of megaman :P This is a very simplistic and just plain fun platformer the music and concept never gets old. Though i found the wall jumping to be a pain. But thats just me sucking at wall jumping. (Really im bad at it, Bad in Super Metroid and in Space Ninja :P). Also Congrats i think this game got on Bytejacker.. Maybe im getting mixed up but W/E


great game

Excellent game

This was one awesome platformer,the animation was cool with the pixel style and the controls were very responsive too,it had some good difficulty plus the game lasted a while too,overall i think you did an excellent job on this game and i would most certainly play it again some time.E