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Reviews for "Space-ninja"


You sort of have to have an appreciation of old school pixelated games to enjoy this (which I do have and I did). The only recommendations I might make is perhaps more challenging enemies/bosses as well as power ups. Maybe even spice up the environment a little more so you have different scenery to battle through. Otherwise, I enjoyed it.


awesome! best music in the freakin world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!awesome game too man!

Its alright.

Nothing really special, since 8bit games are rolling in now for some reason.
Nothing special though, but im feeling nice today.7

Have a 4/5.

Quick and painless

I think the simplicity of the game it one of its strong points. Great way to kill 5 minutes.

I like it actually...

you have a good game going...
im just curious if theres a way to add better AI for the enemies...
keep up the good flixel work.