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Reviews for "Space-ninja"


nice game man

Pretty good game, but...

I liked the game, the difficulty was just right, however the continue button just does not work! I've tried on a PC, and Mac, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Also tried on (literally) every level! That is the ONLY thing keeping this game from a 9. Please fix!

Other then that problem, I faced no issues with the game, and really liked it! But I do concur with Ohbombuh, the character looks nothing like a ninja!

Cool Game

To all the people having trouble with the boss just shoot his feet and he will eventually die.


OK, this got pretty ridiculous. Going for the Peace Keeper medal (which should have a vastly larger value), I noticed the fact that some of the passages were half-filled by a single guard. You have to repeatedly approach and jump at exactly the right time or it's back to the last checkpoint for you. This would've been bearable, but you gave ALL the guards guns which they fire frequently, and any that kill you shuffle around immediately afterwards. One of these passages has 2 armed guards, and they usually alternate shots, making it virtually impossible to get by without killing one or both. You didn't even make an alternative like stunning or sneaking by them. The only hope is to get them right on top of each other and pray you can land the jump on the first try.

Another gripe I have with it is the fact that the character looks nothing like a ninja. This isn't nearly as important as the difficulty, but come on! The design just seems lazy.

Really Addicting

Its fun, easy controls, kinda gives you a small rush that most games don't have, cool enemies, it is a really good game. I got stuck on one level where there is a treasure bonus above one of the red and write stationary three ball shooter monster ( that is what I call and that is when the addictingness started to fade away.