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Reviews for "Space-ninja"

Very nice

The music just set the mood of with the sprites making it feel like an old arcade type of feel which is very nice also the ending was preety hard. and the boss? well just frustrating but all in all a very nice game eight stars for you!

I didn't enjoy :(.

Sure, everything is competent, but not special. This game is one of many signs that the "8-bit even though it doesn't have to be" fad is a little too popular: it proves that a game designer can just pump out a random, half-assed 8-bitter and assume people will like it, and be right.

Having the camera pan up almost every time you jump is really, really annoying. And I also hate having only one jumping altitude. Why should you be able to choose how high you go by holding down the button for a certain length of time? Because that's, like, a game-making standard. Don't ignore something like that. Also you shouldn't have included the songs that were annoying (all of them.)


the ending was hard and it could hav been longer

It was fun!

it got a little boring so i stopped mid way into the game. so im not sure if there already is any, but i think if youre making a sequel add bosses and gun power ups, that would make this game much more enjoy able.


It's like Mega Man meets Ninja Gaiden!