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Reviews for "Space-ninja"

holy shit the music!

im a very retro person, so i saw this and instantly fell in love with it! i sercly left it on the main menu for like 30 minutes listening to the song! then i played the game, and i gotta say its fuckin awesome! everything about it is awesome!

It's awwrite

+ I like the music
+ nice simple levels (gotta think of Shinobi)
- wish the controls allow more precision
- "don't die" medal = 100 points
LOLWUT? the person who beats this game without dying,
should get 10,000 points. SRSLY!

its cool but

i think instead of a gun he should have ninja stars and a headband

You know what...

I am not even going to give this a "correct" review like I did for breach. Graphics were made in paint, gameplay is nice for a shooter but not if you want to get the trophies and also, do not bother adding a load button that does not work. You get a 2... for the coding you did because that is all you did, broken game, broken score, good night.


a good entertaining game, and yes, you should make him look like a ninja, preferably a headband.