Reviews for "Sundown Dash"

spoiler alert, everyone dies

hard but so rewarding. Great job, the code is flawless, the music was epic, the art was just wonderful, and it feels to be nice out of the desert sun.

fuck yahhh

very simple yet challenging.
this is one of the enteries worth playing, i enjoyed every minute of it (even tough it's frustrating) and im proud to say i killed that damn sun.
AAND i love 'horse with no name' and that's a cool cover.

10/10 5/5 for a 2 day job

The sun is almighty!!!!

A bit of a disadvantage when you consider that it's a donkey against a fireball spewing sun who can call for mini allies.Then again, the donkey can kick a cactus spike up to the sun, so mega donkey.
Goofy designs made for an enjoyable background and characters while playing. Music was suiting. And it was fun. All that I need to give a good score
10/10 5/5

He hard

He Very hard he keep killing me


lol the ending was really funny, not eough to make me lagh just funeey

Tip: when hes charging for the big attack, hit him a lot, and hopefulley will get stun, if not, get readey to get heck out of there!!!!