Reviews for "Sundown Dash"


Pretty hard and the controls are too but its still good the only problem is its almost impossible to survive . over all 6/10*

%u255A%u263BVE ur ideas tho keep on posting

-PLZNter (Please Enter)

Okay time waster

if i didnt beat it in two tries. :( oh well it was mildly interesting. A little too simple for me.


ok im playing. he shoots out three mega fireballs, barely dodging them because that r3tard horse wont go quick enough, then he has 4 extra mini suns come out. all constantly shooting fire,i had almost full hp, then died practically instantly, wtf.

JoSilver responds:

lol, trust me you just suck at this.


I have to agree with gasattack23. It's not about sucking. The game is just pretty damn hard. Near impossible to be honest. You need to be seriously bored to play through this game.

With other words, the game doesn't motivate you to keep playing. You need to be motivated to begin with to keep on with this terrible endurance test until the end.

Why just one life? Everyone knows that with just one, the rating of the game wont go over a four after a day or two, then after a week it wont go over a three.

Well done on the graphics and sound, programming was okay. The gameplay was terrible however.

Needs More

I give you a three for the artwork but beside that the game severly lacked. There was no story, powerups, and maybe levels? I was to bored to beat the sun. This game does not hook the player into wanting to keep playing.