Reviews for "Sundown Dash"

spoiler alert, everyone dies

hard but so rewarding. Great job, the code is flawless, the music was epic, the art was just wonderful, and it feels to be nice out of the desert sun.

awsun like aw sun cuz it killed me and sorta

sounds like awesome great game 2 i killed 1 of the evil sun spawns when the sun got tired a spawn wuz blockin it i killed it and then i died when the three spawnz shot their fireballs

He hard

He Very hard he keep killing me

Really Hardcore

Now that'sa challenge.
Nice art, good controls, challenging task, music is really fitting, vocals are great.
Can't really find a flaw in it. Keep it this way for the upcoming..


lol the ending was really funny, not eough to make me lagh just funeey

Tip: when hes charging for the big attack, hit him a lot, and hopefulley will get stun, if not, get readey to get heck out of there!!!!