Reviews for "Sundown Dash"

Surprisingly Fun

I actually really liked it. Even though it was a simple boss fight type of battle, it was progressively challenging. The music made what would have normally been a ridiculous match up, into an epic battle. It took me 6 attempts to beat him.

The only thing I could say...is make more of the same (But longer). =)

Anyways, thanks for making this game and good luck in the competition.

spoiler alert, everyone dies

hard but so rewarding. Great job, the code is flawless, the music was epic, the art was just wonderful, and it feels to be nice out of the desert sun.

JAZZA again!

I love this game and it was interesting how such a fun game was made in such a short time. It was bit hard to understand at first (I thought maybe you had to deflect the flames with your hooves) but great after awhile. I love how silly the animation is. Living in Florida, I would know what it is like to be dehydrated. I especially like how funny the Sun always looks and the little demon suns that fly out and scream in glee. It is certainly an original game and easy to play too, and you guys made a great submission for NG Game Jam.

Haha, pretty awesome!

That's one badass boss fight. It's almost as hard as killing the sun IRL.

"Why Dick a be such?"


I still have not managed to beat the sun because it has too much life, however it is a good game!!!