Reviews for "Sundown Dash"


You make the soud right?, well.... you did the voice of the horse? :)

Got kinda confused

It never said whether you were gonna be the horse or the sun, and so I got confused, and then it lost because of lack of health. Overall itreally needs more to it (more direction, storyline, powerups levels, etc...)


I have to say this is a great game. The concept is great and the art is a plus. When the sun was laughing it kind of reminded me of lazymuffin's style of drawing. Im embarrassed to say that i didn't get to see the ending. My first 2 tries i was confused on what i was doing and the last 2 tries i kept dieing at the small suns. I gave up but it helped me get rid of a few minutes :D. Overall i'm glad this was submitted to newgrounds and i hope to see more games like it. 10/10 5/5

Nice& simple

Enjoyed the funny concept and how simple it was, at first i thought it was too easy, till the little suns came out! lol, the controls were also very nice and smooth plus it was pretty addicting. The animation was awesome and was put together well too, especially with the small time limit! :) Overall: 9/10 Great work!


After about 8 tries. I finally killed it. Grr, it was frustrating but it's so satisfying when you eventually kill it.