Reviews for "Sundown Dash"

He hard

He Very hard he keep killing me

The sun is almighty!!!!

A bit of a disadvantage when you consider that it's a donkey against a fireball spewing sun who can call for mini allies.Then again, the donkey can kick a cactus spike up to the sun, so mega donkey.
Goofy designs made for an enjoyable background and characters while playing. Music was suiting. And it was fun. All that I need to give a good score
10/10 5/5

awsun like aw sun cuz it killed me and sorta

sounds like awesome great game 2 i killed 1 of the evil sun spawns when the sun got tired a spawn wuz blockin it i killed it and then i died when the three spawnz shot their fireballs

all the whiners r bad gamers

at 1st i lost like 3 times but then i knew how 2 time the fireballs n when the mini suns come up dont even look at them jus focus on the big 1 n shoot at it when he swoops 2 the other side follow him while kicking n u can hit him while he is moving


It's funny when win because you still lose.