Reviews for "Sundown Dash"

a few tips to help

tips on how to beat this game:

1. never find yourself in the opposite corner of the sun. it is easier to avoid shots coming down verses across.
2. there is only one time you should stop, when the sun glows yellow... do enough damage to it to tire it out, this gives you a few more free shots
3. if tired out, be warned, the sun will flare back up and launch 5 shots at once in a fan pattern. when you see the flair, move to avoid the damage.
4. if you get hit with the charged shot (the sun glowing yellow and not attacking, you will loose about 1/3 of your life.
5. when the sun makes it's mini suns (about when the sun as 1/4 life left) keep moving!!! this is more true b/c the sun when charged will launch a lot more power shots!

(at least for me) the "s" key triggered auto kick. this might help instead of spamming the space bar. the game can be beat, it takes a few tries and timing. good luck!

p.s. note to the author, the kicking sounds carries on after the game is beat...


I like the ending great game keep up the good work!

Great game.

Has anyone actually beat this yet? lol

Great challenging game, love it, keep it up jo!


lol the ending was really funny, not eough to make me lagh just funeey

Tip: when hes charging for the big attack, hit him a lot, and hopefulley will get stun, if not, get readey to get heck out of there!!!!

Really Hardcore

Now that'sa challenge.
Nice art, good controls, challenging task, music is really fitting, vocals are great.
Can't really find a flaw in it. Keep it this way for the upcoming..