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Reviews for "The History of Stick"

Puff the magic dragon..

That movie deserved first! FIRST! FIRST! FIRST! Damn you Tom!...Aww.. cant blame him he probably just woke up on the wrong side of the bed.. The reason i did not give this movie a ten is because HIP HOP DOES LIVE ON! SO DOES BLINK 182 AND ALL THOSE OTHER SHITS! now i am going to continue singing... puff the magic dRAGON..


I'd like to congratulate you on being teh first person to actually make a stick death movie which I did not like. In fact, I hated it! Good job, keep up the crappy work.... Or don't actually, you're submissions are a waste of portal space.

you forgot the first phase

cave paintings done by neanderthals used simple stick-like drawings. although they aren't movies it is certainly covered by the term 'stick-death' as it showed them hunting animals. A good movie but not thorough enough to be used by sticklogists in determineing the origin of the stickmens culture. Plus you missed the disco stick era!


You like making documentery type shit huh kirk? This movie was coo tho. Even tho it's not the true history of stick movies =P It was still good. Keep em comin'..

What a great idea!

I liked this because it was definately original. I am a big fan of stick deaths and suicides and all those different subjects. This was very creative and showed different stick deaths which was great. GREAT-JOB KIRKFLIP!