Reviews for "Jeremy Bongstarr"


if you look closer, the original message archer-11 is 'quoting' is a typo, as the header of the original commenters review was "i'm NOT saying this because" etc. at the end of the review he went to reiterate the point but missed a word and accidentally started drama. I agree with Jazza.

aside from that stuff, great game!


Helped me cool down after beating the crap out of my sis

A Beutiful Story!

I loved every thing!
The Gameplay, Art, and the Story!
I loved it all!
I hope I find another game with such an amazing adventure as this one!
I have to say to I really enjoyed this game!


i love short games
this was so much fun
thanks guys
this was something new and fun
really fun

very nice

good time waster