Reviews for "Jeremy Bongstarr"

a very fun little game

creative controls, and really great atmosphere. The atmosphere was probably what made this game work so well. good job.


I love this game. The first time I played it I was like "ehhhhh..its ok..." but then I came back and played it again and thought "well, this is pretty fun.."

Then I came back to play it a 3rd time and was like "Wow! I love this game!" now I come back to play it almost daily and always vote 5!

I need moar bongstarr games, this one is too short for such a good game. But I understand you guys kinda just threw it together so you didn't have time, but now you do have time :) and I want moooooore :D

Gameplay was fun, I've never had the sound on so I cant judge that... I like the plants coming out of the skulls, I liked flying around! I wanted hot people to get cool when I sprayed them with water but it didn't happen :(

So for the third time, I'll use the misspelled word.. MOAR!@#
P.S. two thumbs up :)

awsome ending

at the end jeremy was all like seya beeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwuuuuuuuuuuu houston we have lift off this game isnt to short its actualy desently long


my run time was 2: 16 i almost finish in 2:10

OMG TOTALLY NEEDS a second installment of series

wonderful but urge its so good i need more you must make a 2ed because this is such a great concept