Reviews for "Jeremy Bongstarr"

have you. . .

ever played super Mario sunshine??? same shit just with plants instead of oil not very original and very glitchy i kept falling through shit.

game tottaly sucks dildo

umm first off the dudes name is bongstarr and there is no bongs in the game or weed the dude should of been watering marijauna plants with his water bong then when there fully grown you should be able to pick the buds of the plants and sell it to ppl on the streets then use the money to buy stuff to help you get better growing supplies and or buy new bongs now that would be a epic game but ya this game tottaly sucks

RiverJordan responds:

Dude that game sounds rad.

This is absolutely amazing.

This idea was nice and fresh and I'd love to see a longer, more detailed version of this at some point. It would make a great full-length game, in my opinion. The idea is fresh and novel.

Nice, but

Nice concept, the idea is very good, but it's REALLY TOO SHORT. You need to create more levels, from the easiest to the hardest, with the possiblity of upgrading the water tank, with the money Jeremy could earn from villagers or other people he helps.

Newgrounds Is Getting Very Boring

If You people dont make better games that dont end shortly .