Reviews for "Summer Slaughter"

funny intro

loved the intro, and I have to say that I think this game has the most gameplay time that any others in game jam. The art was also nice. Great game guys.

I liked the way it turned out.

I know it didn't turn out the way we wanted it to and that we had second thoughts about the theme of the game halfway through, but the thing is, I really like the way the game turned out.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

Part is pointed towards Erasmus's work: I really liked the animation and the art. When you first showed me the picture of me and the sun zombie I was super excited to see the final production. I love the character that was based off of me so much that I can't wait to see a sprite sheet of it made for me. :) A sprite sheet of the zombie as well would be pretty freaking cool. I loved all the color, backgrounds, and animation in this.

Towards the production as a whole: It would still be nice to see the blood animations added that Erasmus has created. Having something like the barricade being broken down and then a quick cut scene of my character being eaten would work great. Instead of just having the zombies walk into the barricade it would be nice if they were swiping and swinging at it.

~ Story/Content ~

I personally think that the game has a funny theme, but very serious gameplay. I thought that this had the most gameplay out of any of the other games in the competition. I like the store, but wouldn't mind seeing the 100 dollars for the barricade actually healing the whole thing because with the way it is now I find the game way too hard. I can't make it past the 5th wave no matter what technique that I use. :(

Other than that, you did a great job at coding. The walking does work, but only after you have shot your gun. A few tweaks here and there could turn this game from mediocre to good. :)

~ Audio ~

That voice was amazing. In fact, I think it's the best voice that I've ever done! Ha, kidding of course. :P I wouldn't have minded if you used more of the voices I made for you. I had created a store voice saying, This'll help, and some other voices for winning a wave and dying, but I understand if you didn't have enough time to add them. I wouldn't mind seeing you implement them sometime later though.

~ Overall ~

Like I said, I actually like the way the game turned out and I loved working with you guys. Maybe we'll work again sometime without the pressure of getting this done in such a short amount of time.

This is My Review

------------------This how it turned out----------------------------------

---------------------- First the gameplay-----------------------------
The animaton isawsome start out there the waves should have bosses every 5 waves The upgrading menu is great all out i was expeting from a game a nice defence game alll and all thisgame can become a striaght out classic of newgrounds if u could turn into a sequal next goin with halloween(real zombies)
next the winter the third in the seris (frozen cold zombies) then for veterans day (army guys zombies with guns) the gameplay is start out thee i give the game play a 5 (highest on my score table)
----The aiming-------------------------------
if u have ever played residen evil 4 you should have a laser pin-point accuricy then
the zombies should have some weak point in there head this is for that now my
total score for aiming is a 2 <the dialuge> now you should have a cast of chartcters to use and to help u play in like the last
Stand 2(zombie game) The speech is really clear and like it belongs there but speech doesn't go with ur main character u should've had a younger kid like a surfer or someone like that
i give the dialauge a 5
Not that gory for a zombie game but the content was amazing i was blown away about what u did with the graphics. I GIVE THE CONTENTS A 3!

OVER ALL THIS GAME IS A 15 highest score should be a 20

it was

First off the intro made me laugh with the sun zombies.I think that is a cool idea for a summer game though you should of add more of an animation to the intro insted of just text and a few drawings.But the drawings and music were awesome.I loved that a lot.I am glad there are upgrades.If there were no upgrades I would of given this a five.The zombies moved very nice and smoothly but the players arm moved really weird and crappy.You three did a good job with this and it was a great fun experience.
I also voted this for second in the online game jam thing.


Nice intro and fun game.