Reviews for "Summer Slaughter"


I like the game and the storyline and stuff but...

Pretty good game.

While I always find these zombie shooting games to be overdone, I like the little twist you guys put on it. The plot behind it with the sunscreen was clever, plus Fro did an excellent job with the voice acting at the beginning. The controls were alright, but the main turn-off was that it seemed like you just got a flat amount of money after every round instead of a progressing amount based on how well you performed each level. This way it was very limited on how we could spend our money through each playthrough.

I thought the soundtrack fit well in the game, the animation was good, and the storyline was funny. I thought opening scene was really good, I kinda wanted there to be more cutscenes and animated parts, or a final epic scene at the end. Another thing I would recommend is when upgrading on health, I wouldn't make it $100 to get full health, that way you're paying the same amount whether your health is at 90% or 10%. It seems reasonable to just make it $10 per 10%, but that's just me. Anyway, I like the way the game turned out, it was challenging and funny, a rare combination. Keep up the great work, you three!

fresh stuff

Fresh idea = more fun
sun zombies = genius
too fast zombies, no money = impossible

This is My Review

------------------This how it turned out----------------------------------

---------------------- First the gameplay-----------------------------
The animaton isawsome start out there the waves should have bosses every 5 waves The upgrading menu is great all out i was expeting from a game a nice defence game alll and all thisgame can become a striaght out classic of newgrounds if u could turn into a sequal next goin with halloween(real zombies)
next the winter the third in the seris (frozen cold zombies) then for veterans day (army guys zombies with guns) the gameplay is start out thee i give the game play a 5 (highest on my score table)
----The aiming-------------------------------
if u have ever played residen evil 4 you should have a laser pin-point accuricy then
the zombies should have some weak point in there head this is for that now my
total score for aiming is a 2 <the dialuge> now you should have a cast of chartcters to use and to help u play in like the last
Stand 2(zombie game) The speech is really clear and like it belongs there but speech doesn't go with ur main character u should've had a younger kid like a surfer or someone like that
i give the dialauge a 5
Not that gory for a zombie game but the content was amazing i was blown away about what u did with the graphics. I GIVE THE CONTENTS A 3!

OVER ALL THIS GAME IS A 15 highest score should be a 20


1. great intro
2. fun at the beginning
3. to hard ._.