Reviews for "Summer Slaughter"


This is one of the, if not the, worst games I have ever played. The fact that you made it in two days is somewhat admirable though.

This is awfull

the game is awfull , i normally don't point less than 5 unless a glitch ruins everything , but this...I can't post this as more than 3 , it is awfull , the animation isn't bad , the music can be better , but...It is fucking impossible and glitchy , sometimes i can't walk , u don't recieve almost anything about the money...It is...Well , i'm giving this a 4 instead 3 only because it took 2 days...But that's all.


i get this was made in 2 days but damn... at least make it possible to get past lvl 5... and how do u switch guns... a key layout would be nice


waste of time and space


first i heard the story line and saw the sunzombie i tought zomgwowfapfap!!!

then i played and it was a lil to harx and there are no live bars for the baricade so :S

but make it easyer and introduce headshots in the game ^^ nice try tough

keep it up!