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Reviews for "Bahamut's Bday Card"

lol neat

It's my 20th b-day too.

nice card.

ThePigeonMaster responds:

Happy be-lated Bday.
Thanks <3

meh it was okay...

kinda like it
and for those who are wondering about the secret one.

hidden card:
Hei draggonzz happeh berfday ive neveh forget you(btw
you still hate?)

Alzo, plz tell coop that if I'm not hear anymore is becuase of his fuckin letter he wrote to my mum years ago. she took my lap away :'(

with luff: DDWL

ThePigeonMaster responds:

lmao you said "meh" and you favorited it? wow :)


Happy birthday Bahamut!

ThePigeonMaster responds:


Very good

Happy birthday to Bahammy Boy. Good show.

ThePigeonMaster responds:

Thanks. Wherever Bahamut is in the sky, I'm sure he heard those words.

Fix the zoom

Fix the zoom and then upload it again. You could achieve a 7 or higher because of that

ThePigeonMaster responds: