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Reviews for "Bahamut's Bday Card"

Happy Birthday, Bahamut!

Well, it's a simple concept and the way that you've expressed a lot of good feelings for the Wi/Ht members for their favourite dragon. A shame that no-one here actually gave him a present of any description.

The program there is simple and all I really need is for Bahamut to give us a password to get in to the secret letter, though you could keep it a secret and petition Tom for an NG Secret Medal to get the secret password figured out, before moving on from there.

[Review Request Club]

ThePigeonMaster responds:

Thanks for your review and for your time in writing something special to our favorite dragon.

It means a lot for me, and of course, Bahamut :P


Great music choice, and the dance was pretty enjoyable.

Such a wonderful gift for someone as great as Bahamut. I'm glad to see that his friends had written such kind letters to him. That is something special indeed.

I have great respect for you all. And Bahamut, Happy Birthday from me as well!

ThePigeonMaster responds:

Thanks! By the way, everybody that doesn't respect Bahamut should die in a fire :D

Happy B-day Bahamut!

Awesome card, TPM. I loved the dance number and if I had known that you were going to put "From:" at the top I wouldn't have signed at the bottom; ah well, details. :) I'm loving the musical choice; very up beat and I could probably listen to it for hours. I'm sure our blue dragon friend loved it and thanks for being kind and doing this for him and behalf of all of us Wi/Hters. :)

ThePigeonMaster responds:

; ) .

OMG, Review #7, Bahamut = jealous!


Haggard's P.S. FTW!

ThePigeonMaster responds:

indeed :P

It brought a tear to my eye

Although you hinted at a flash movie for me, what I never expected was to hear birthday wishes from the fellow Wi/Ht?'ers. Thanks to every single one who gave me birthday wishes. I don't know how much I can thank you enough. Hey, catch me later, I'll buy you a beer.

As for the rest of the flash, I really loved the dancing sequence of myself at the start (even if I lacked some wings, haha) as well as the music to go with it, even if I've heard it so many times yet never know the name of it. The alternative version of Scatman was also a plus and truly made me feel like partying to my 20th birthday.

One last thing, I really appreciated the secret message for me. That and Dream-of-Duke's messages have already made my day!

Overall, awesome dance sequence with myself, enjoyable music (even for a metalhead) and some of the kindest words ever said to me all around makes this a flash to remember as well as having the honour being at the top of my faves. Thank you very much everyone and a big thank you to ThePigeonMaster for putting the effort into making the flash for me!


ThePigeonMaster responds:

We <3 you.
Have I told you are awesome? Wait... Yes, I've told you ;P