Reviews for "Sonic 15th Thr33"


I like this, very funny. :)

RicStrife responds:

Glad you enjoyed


*sniff* plz make a 4th 1 plzzzz *Sniff* LOL

RicStrife responds:

*reply removed due to now being inaccurate*

poor sonic

i cant belive amy just broke up with sonic right after she got her glasses although the rest was great how long did it take to make the mistakes

RicStrife responds:

He's a blue Hedgehog, there's gotta be something wrong with him hahaha.
Well on and off for about a year it took. About a month to write down enough ideas for the good finale.

Very nice once again :D

Although it saddens me this is the last one....in tribute, I will find and post all 6 easter eggs! (:<

1. Dead Parrot- Click the statue...thing on the counter.

2. Trapped- Click on the monkey hanging off of the tree in the background.

3. WTF is wrong with me?!- Click on Shadow.

4. Dr. Evil- Click on the ball thingy in the glass.

5. Earthworm Jim Rides Again- click on the caterpillar thing.

6. Dodgeball- Click...I think...uh idk..the guy with th eyepatch.On the TV.

7. Ghostbusters Scene- Click on Sonic

8. It's Over/Credits- Click on the blue old-fashioned telephone booth.

9. Main Menu- Sit through....THE MARIO DANCE! O_o and click on the Xbox360 Achievement trophy icon.


RicStrife responds:

The Statue is the black knight from Monty Python

The ball thing is a hologram of the death egg

The Caterpiller thing is called Star Bug

I think you missed some ;)

I feel so awful and terrible for taking so long to write a review for this, but I'm here now to show I haven't forgotten about this great series.

I'll write this review in about the same way I wrote a review for the first movie in the series.

Graphics - Sprites! Never had a problem with them, never will. They always remind me of the older games I used to play, such as the Classic Sonic games of course! The sprites were all used very well. Also, cool looking Shadow in the 'Altered Hedgehog' scene (before he transforms into Black Doom).

Style - Mostly good. What separates this from most other funny Sonic flashes is the voice acting, which is always a plus.

Sound - There was quite a bit of music from the older Sonic games. Makes me remember those wonderful games. And as said above, the voice acting was very good.

Violence - Lots of 'tame' violence, for lack of a better word. Except for when Knuckles saw that he was labeled a mole... splat. Sonic also got beat up a lot, again. And Tails having a snack in the scene 'Born Free'.

Interactivity - The Knuckles mini-game was a nice touch.

Humor - Once again, the humor of this flash is tops. My favorite has to be the 'Stuck in a Loop' scene, in fact I recall that actually happening in a certain area in Carnival Night Zone.

Overall - As the last in the series, it had to good, and it was. Not just good, very good. Actually, more like Excellent. Every scene was great in its own way, and I can tell a ton of effort went into this wonderful gem.

I may have forgotten this for a bit, but it was still there in the back of my mind. Now I am finally able to give it the review I meant to give it about 4 years ago.

This was a great series. It was really fun watching it. I'm sure you'll be able to create even more great stuff. I wish you luck on all your future projects.


RicStrife responds:

I feel terrible for taking this long to reply to the review! I used to check for new reviews daily, now I rarely check at all, but hell Ric Strife isn't one to ignore his fans (he just lets them down by retiring?)

Graphics- Thanks, that Shadow buffed up sprite actually quite easy, I just used the sprites from Altered Beast and re-textured them with Shadow's head on top.

Style- Honestly, one of the reasons I retired from flash animations (I have about 5 reasons) was that all my voice actors had moved on to other things, were too busy or just didn't want to help any more, while I am still in contact with a few of them, they focus on new things more now.

Humour- Sometimes I draw from experience ;)

Tell you what, check my news feed when you get a chance, I'm gunna treat my fans to what they deserve.