Reviews for "Sonic 15th Thr33"


I like this, very funny. :)

RicStrife responds:

Glad you enjoyed

Good flash

I loved all three to bad it's over. :(

RicStrife responds:

Glad you enjoyed, but its not the end of my Sonic animations, check my website for more info

cool stuff!

I enjoyed this, some of the skits were funny, but some weren't imo. Great job though!!!

RicStrife responds:

Glad you liked it mostly :D

Well Worth the Wait

It was everything i expected and more, especialy the Dragons lair esq Knucles lair, only thing was after i beat the mini game and got the hints i did not know what button to press to activate the easter eggs. For example i went to the tardis one and tride clicking on the doctor, tardis, and sonic but nothing happend.

RicStrife responds:

Nope, the TARDIS you need to click is in the end credits, someone a bit harder to find ;) hahaha


You motherfucker! You motherfucker! I saw all 24 reviews I got RAGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! WHY THE FUCK NOT GET SONIC COLORS! ONLY HARDCOREEEEEEEEEEEEEE SONIC FANS WILL BUY IT SINCE PEOPLE ARE MORE EXCITED FOR THIS GAME! As most Sonicfags are currently fapping to Sonic 4 (developed by DIMPS), the other devs got high and are releasing a Sonic about fucking colors. A Wii/DS exclusive (and as a result, pissing off fans of the 360 and PS-Triple) that is supposed to have flying aliens that give Sonic superpowers while most players will probably die of seizures, either at how much this will be the best Sonic game EVAR! Coming to terms with understanding that the preceding hundred Sonic games listed here are fantastic, Sega decided to return to their roots in milking a fluke franchise with more sequels. Sonic 4 promises to be a return to the first side-scrolling Sonic games, the only playable character will be Sonic and it has been confirmed to be available for XBLA, PSN, and WiiWare, though the game is in the style of the classics. Fans are excited but, smart people know it's just Sega trolling their fans. Instead of releasing the whole game at once, Sega decided to release the game in parts as "Episodes", to milk out some more Jew gold off of the fans. Sonic fans are once again saying that this game will redeem the franchise, just as they have been saying in last 5 years; while others are boycotting Sonic 4 because of Sonic still having green eyes and Robotnik still being called Eggman. Game will suck. THATS WHY FOR THE LOVE OF SONIC BUY SONIC COLORS LOOK AT THE SONIC COLORS GAMEPLAY TRAILER YOU WONT REGRET IT! IM ONLY SAYING THIS BECAUSE SONIC UNLEASHED WAS AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEE BUT THE WEREHOG WAS RETARDED! SONIC COLORS WILL HAVE SONIC TAIL AND DR.EGGMAN ONLY! SO GET SONIC COLORS! SHADOW IS NOT COOL BECAUSE SHADOW ITS SEGA's attempt at making the franchise darker and edgier with "LOLEDARKPAST". Part of this dark past is being plagued by flashbacks about some underaged girl who he was in love with but he can't touch because she has a disease or some shit. He also had the heart and soul of this woman. His signature ability is the awkward use of firearms, since he is so dark and violent. Now, would someone PLEASE care to tell me where that 'damn fourth chaos emerald' is? ROUGE SUCKS BECAUSE ROUGE IS A prostitute bat with tits that would make your mom cry, and the character the 13-year-old boys and basement dwellers fap to, assuming they're not pedos or fags. Sega claims she's 18, but her voice is that of a saggy 40-year old prostitute with green teeth. Fangirls war over whether she belongs with Knuckles or with Shadow (Even Uncyclopedia takes part in this), but who cares? She's definitely fucked the entire cast anyway. AMY IS A Stupid jailbait bitch who badly wants Sonic to get in her panties. Many fantards also engage in shipping wars, regularly developing explosive diarrhea when people don't like their "OTP". She is also the subject of much Sonic-related Rule 34 and has pantyshots in every game, despite being 12 years old, tho that equals to 24 years old in hedgehog years. Yet, throughout the series, you can see Sonic and Amy have a moment together. This is because Sonic has had many one night stands of passion with Amy and still does till this day. She may be pregnant with Sonic's child. SILVER IS A Whiny drama whore from the future, and living proof that Sega ran out of ideas years ago. His powers include telekinetic throws that always miss, super slow walking and a voice almost as faggy as Tails'. Silver is commonly seen reciting gay, dramatic lines taken straight out of Lifetime movies. Also, he is covered in pot-leaf symbolism. No, srsly. More proof of his awesome include his uber manly eyeliner and his sick hand tattoos. AND THATS WHY SONIC COLORS WILL BE AWESOME.

RicStrife responds:

Ok, first, this is not a review.
Second, Rebotnik was ALWAYS called Eggman, only English translations called him Robotnik. Robotnik to me, will always be SatAM Sonic. Eggman is the games.
Third, Sonic 4 will not be anywhere as good as Sonic 1, 2, 3 & Knuckles. FACT.
Fourth, NEITHER WILL SONIC COLOURS! There's nothing new or amazing about it!