Reviews for "Robot Tolonius"


Nice but need more

CloudEater responds:

need more what?! your BAD at reviewing :P

it's ok

it's ok but the animations were'nt the best

CloudEater responds:

What are you talking about!? the animations were dOpe!

I'm not gay for robots but...

Pretty sexy. Well done gents :3

CloudEater responds:

Thanks yo!

Good stuff

Cool stuff, wish there would have been a few more though; Ill be sure to make something for your next collab ;)

why didnt you make a part yourself btw?

CloudEater responds:

Thanks cube, I was going to make a part myself but I guess I got lazy :(

Not bad

Though there is not many art peices. Very good though.

I feel proud to be first view other than cloud eater.

Hope to see more

CloudEater responds:

I also hope to see more, thanks SaKP