Reviews for "Robot Tolonius"

Very Nice

It was pretty good!!! But a little short. I would enjoy seeing more of this kind of flash.

CloudEater responds:

Yea, it would've been even better if it was longer.

Not so great.

3/10 because you are technically capable of assembling a flash collab and I liked teh scrolling selection. I see in the intro that you know this is a crappy collab, but even if it was supposed to be, crappy collab is crappy.

And you've already been told about the sound, that's a pretty obnoxious problem. Better luck next time.

CloudEater responds:

Thanks for review la, the sound is meant to psych you out... :P

Not Bad...

But I asked myself why you didn't mention "Justice" in the credits. if i'm not totally wrong, you were using a loop of their song "Phantoms Pt. 2"

CloudEater responds:

Somone used it in their part and I didn't know what song it was or who it was by :P

Funny but...

There are lots of problems with sounds / music. I test it with flash player 10.1. Fisrt you can't mute, second music play multiple times on each others like a stack of songs, and third you use a Justice song that is not free i guess... Without these problems, this interactive concept is simple but nice. Haaa my ears :'(

CloudEater responds:

Yea I was having quite a few problems getting the sound to play properly. 'Thanks for the review :)

hey man wth!

if i would have known about this i would have contributed big time yo!

CloudEater responds:

Yea I didn't spead the word very well :P