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Reviews for "The Rocketeer"

Bad Game

Many of the levels are difficult to pass through.. even the intro levels. The doors are messed up too. When I go through them I dont go to the next stage.

VicBiss responds:

sorry :(

Not worth the effort

Fun and relaxing up until level 10, but I just needed to look at that to see it'd be annoying and frustrating. Good start though, it had potential.

VicBiss responds:

Thanks for the try

the good, the bad, and the rocketeer

You don't need to tell us this was made in a day. I am glad you didn't spend any more time on this than you did coming up with the idea. The rocket physics are really dumb. for the first few seconds the rocket vibrates around your cursor and it's impossible to hit and and suddenly won't even go to the cursor. the wall jump is really dysfunctional and unenjoyable

VicBiss responds:

:C Sorry dude

not good

Granted, it's a nice concept. But the graphics are very poor, and the gameplay is downright impossible.

VicBiss responds:


Lot's of things to fix...

the concept of great, but there are lots of things that makes this game not so great
first of all, the rocket go to your mouse pretty quick and once it makes it there, it stays there, so it's like the mouse if the rocket and all you have to do it click on all the things you have to blow up...
also, the jump doesn't work like other games where you could still jump when your a little off the platform
the font and stuff makes the game look old and not well programed
and no reset button? i got on level 6 and i have to restart from the beginning, speaking of that i have to restart the whole game every time i close the game
definitely has potential, but needs a lot more work

VicBiss responds:

Space is the restart button, the font was spose to look a little robotty and classic.