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Reviews for "The Rocketeer"


you cant wall jump
its impossible

VicBiss responds:

I can wall jump...


Good concept, but the physics are absolutely horrible.

VicBiss responds:

I was trying to make it simple where if you shoot a rocket below you to the left it will shoot you to the right and if you shoot a rocket below you to the right it will shoot you to the left, and it will shoot you the same distance every time to make the platforming easier, but I guess that didnt work out so well, haaha.

Too Frustrating

It was an interesting concept, but the game itself was too frustrating. The levels were recycled sometimes from what I had seen (RQ on 24), wall jumping seemed too hectic, especially on levels like 24 where you start right near the edge of the screen, making one false click instant fail. The switch jumping seems a bad concept, as half the time you require sheer luck to actually switch jump properly (which is a crux element in later levels.) The multitasking ones are annoying on their own, but they were designed that way so I'll not downrate you for them. Tunnel levels were obnoxious.
It just seems to me the game was built more to completely frustrate you (IWBTG) rather than to be in any way entertaining.

VicBiss responds:

It kept you playing didn't it? :p jk, sorry about all of that, I barely even got to test the game before it went out so I was just guessing on the difficulty.

Level 10

First impression when I saw Level Ten was, "Oh fuck, this is impossible!"

Turns out, I was right! It IS impossible!

I give you props for an interesting concept and some funky music, but why do you feel the need to punish the player with such impossible gameplay? That's just not cool.

VicBiss responds:

It's impossible unless you're a ninjateer :P but sorry, I didn't think much of that level cuz I can pass it pretty easy but everybody seems to have trouble with it :(

Are you serious?

The game is great and the graphic is not to shabby. The concept is really nice and I say it has a great flow.

"So why the low score douchebag!" You say?

No reset button T.T I got stuck with a level constantly and had to keep waiting for the bomb to explode. Then I figure...what if there wasn't a bomb and I had no rockets...

That...that really needs to be installed as well as a previous play back button to allow you to play other levels you already did. Be nice to practice once again <3

VicBiss responds:

Space douchebag :P