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Reviews for "The Rocketeer"


I liked the concept... But difficulty was a problem for me... I don't usually take away so many points for difficulty. The reason I did was because not only was it so difficult I felt like there was no point in stressing myself to get past the difficult parts. I found wall jumping to be unruly at best. But the concept was amazing maybe go back and really put some time into this. Give it a story and such, and compel me to want to pull my hair out. xD

VicBiss responds:

lol, theres naked pictures of megan fox if you beat the game. (compelling enough?)


Physics are really bad.

VicBiss responds:

I was trying to make it simple where if you shoot a rocket below you to the left it will shoot you to the right and if you shoot a rocket below you to the right it will shoot you to the left, and it will shoot you the same distance every time to make the platforming easier, but I guess that didnt work out so well, haaha.

too hard

didn't enjoy it.

VicBiss responds:


Great concept, but

I hate this game.
So hard to control.
5/10 3/5

VicBiss responds:

Sorry dude

Cool idea, but like some others have said, needs a reset button or something. Got stuck in the Learn2walljmp level, b/c I ran out of rockets, so my robot just sat there, pacing back and forth over 3 squares.